VEA Ventures

We believe great companies are made greater through collaboration.

Our companies accomplish much more when working together. That's why we promote and foster mutually beneficial relationships across our network.

We believe becoming a market leader requires courage and grit from entrepreneurs, managers, and the shareholders that back them.

We always match our financial investments with enthusiasm, knowledge, and operating support to help companies navigate growth and realize their full potential.

We believe the most meaningful impact requires patience, and a long-term scalable vision.

We are long-term, patient partners. We strive to build enduring businesses by enabling companies to take all positive opportunities without capital or time constraints.

We believe in the revolutionary power of technology.

Technology disrupts industries faster and on a global level. Therefore companies need to compete globally sooner. With experience and local teams in Italy, Luxemburg, Sweden, and Asia, we work to help our companies enter new markets quickly and successfully.